Lululemon Ambassador Event

Worked with Lululemon to highlight two Austin wellness coaches. Event coverage.

Keep Austin Warm 2018

Joined a few Austin based brands for a localized charity event providing gifts to youth and groups in need.

MyBody GX

Collaborated with MyBody GX to showcase their services. The promotional video highlights the DNA sampling process, consultation & reporting and personalized health and wellness coaching.


Creating Content That Matters


Our goal is to create compelling content that showcases your business or brand. Video is an incredibly powerful tool that can highlight several aspects of your product or service and has the power to generate trust with you audience.


The Process


Step 1: Consultation

Should you be ready to start a project, we would love to connect with you on the phone or meet to discuss your content ideas. Within this consultation we will understand your goals, the amount of content, your distribution plan, timeline and budget.



Step 2: Scheduling

After the consultation we will create a production schedule that fits your timeline. Depending on the amount of content this could take as little as 1 day or as long as several weeks. Long-term projects will require extensive planning and scheduling to ensure we hit deadlines.



Step 3: Production

After we have a production schedule in play we will begin creating the content. This is an extremely collaborative process and we want to hear all of your ideas. To provide you with the highest quality content we utilize the best equipment including - cameras, drones, professional audio, professional lighting and editing software.



Step 4: Post Production & Delivery

After we finish production we will bring the content back to our studio and being post production editing. This typically takes 3 - 4 weeks but for special cases we can turnaround a project within 2 - 3 days. Please note that this entirely depends on the amount of content needed.

Delivery will be via Google Drive or with temporary access we can upload the content to your website or social.


 Connect With Us

We would love to hear about your project. Any idea is a great idea and our mission is to help you bring it to life.