5 Reasons Why Video Testimonials Are Important For Your Business

Emotional Connection

With a video you can connect with you viewer on a different emotional level. Text is a fast and simple way for your customers to elaborate on their experience but the emotional interpretation is completely up to the reader. Great copywriters can create captivating text, but a video will still create a greater sense of how your customer truly felt doing business with you.

Video allows the viewer to see the emotional expression and tone of your customer, client or employee.. It may be subtle, but the impact can be extremely invaluable. The viewer will start to relate to the interviewee depending on their experience and story.

The video triggers a sense of authenticity to your viewer. It helps them feel more comfortable with your brand as if you broke down the wall of “showy advertisements” and you are letting them in to see a REAL customer explain their exceptional experience with your business. They will start to mentally mirror the emotion being presented, whether the customer is thankful, relieved or happy.

In an essence, this is the driving factor when it comes to a video testimonial for your business. Every other point below, in some way, correlates with how the viewer feels after watching.

Video increases traffic, engagement and retention

According to a study done by Wowzyl - Of businesses using video marketing, 76% reported an increase in traffic due to video and 81% of people have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.

Think back to a time you were reading an online review, how likely are you to remember that review? Did you even trust it? Now think to about a video testimonial you may have watched. Did you feel more inclined to research that company or product? With video having such a high emotional connecting with viewers, it’s no wonder copyright retention is around 12%.

Storytelling is extremely important and ties into emotional triggers when it comes to testimonial. If your product or service has helped someone overcome a large problem in their life - such as a personal trainer helping a client lose 100lbs and completely change their life - a viewer is going to feel extremely confident that you understand what you’re doing.

The goal is to be top of mind to your potential customer. With 80% of viewers retaining the information from video in the last 30 days.

Videos get shares, thus increasing awareness

Compelling video content can generate more shares than a typical text post or blog. In fact, a mobile viewer is 12 times more likely to share a video over text or images.

Think about it, if you were to watch a testimonial video and it made you think of someone going through a similar experience, there’s a good chance you might share it with them or tag them in a comment. This relates back to emotional triggers. Maybe the viewer isn’t going to buy your product or service but they very well may know someone who would be interested.

If a video is entertaining enough or presents a valuable cause, your viewer may have no need to purchase your product but they may share it purely because they enjoyed the video. Take a few minutes, scroll through your Facebook feed and see what videos people are sharing and you’ll quickly be able to see that shares are everywhere, which creates more exposure for your brand.

Ride the wave of social proof

Social proof is a term created by Robert Cialdini, a heavily educated influence in the marketing education space,  in his 1984 book, Influence. Essentially, it states that people are prone to copy the actions of others. To read in more depth click here.

According to Robert’s six principles of persuasion we, as consumers, are more likely to follow someone we like. Someone that is similar to us whether that be in business, fashion, love or many other factors.

If you don’t believe a video testimonial is worth creating, think about your customer base. Now, think about where those customers came from. You can be sure that many of the purchasing decisions are based on whether or not we can relate to someone. Basically, do we like them?

Think about the recent up-rise in the brand Champion again. A few years back hardly anyone was wearing Champion shoes but now, larger groups decided they liked the product and popularity grew again. Someone liked the shoe, described the “cool factor” to their friends, then they bought and so on.

Video testimonials convert

The main goal of your video testimonial is to convert, creating sales, sign ups or whatever your goal is to generate new customers.

The Content Marketing Institute met with different marketers to discuss which types of content their business uses for content marketing. Case studies, customer testimonials, were second barely in front of video content.

Content Marketing Stats.PNG

So with that, case studies work and videos work, but it’s not hard to see that combining the two provides an even greater success for your organization, thus helping drive social shares, increase in brand engagement, web traffic, build trust with your audience and converting sales.

Will you start creating video testimonials?

There are massive organizations with massive budgets still creating video testimonials because they understand the power of this content strategy.

Whether you’re able to do this with the help of a marketing team, video production agency or just by using your cell phone and asking customers to create a short video testimonial about their experience, you can use those videos and create compelling stories that connect with your audience, generate more awareness and ultimately - drive sales.

There is more time and effort involved in creating a good testimonial video but having this tactic in your content marketing strategy can provide to be worthwhile in the long run of building your brand.